Kiss Proof, Smudge Proof, Water Proof All Natural Make-up and Lip Color

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SeneGence Mission Statement​:
SeneGence empowers individuals around the world with a means to create a home-based business with unlimited growth potential; using proprietary anti-aging and patented long-lasting color products through an Independent Distributor career path that really works.

Why Join SeneGence?

A Career and Produt that really works... heres why!
1. Our Career really works.  
It does, and we have thousands of Distributors who can testify to such every single day. With our compensation plan, there is no glass ceiling- in other words, there is no limitation placed on you to how much you can earn. The sky is the limit.
2. Our products are unmatched. 
Our SenseCosmetics and SeneDerm SkinCare products are made with the finest quality natural ingredients, blended with the most advanced color and anti-aging technology available today. They work exactly how we say they do, and we guarantee it 100%, or your money back. When you become a Distributor, you will be able to order all products at a significant 20-55% discount.
3. Our company culture is unlike any other. 
Here at SeneGence, we pride ourselves in having a culture, both at the corporate office and in our Distributor communities, that is uplifting, caring, and nurturing. We are not interested in competition, we simply want to see each other succeed and achieve goals. You will become part of this wonderful culture, and be supported in business when you join us.
4. We are devoted to progress. 
SeneGence is constantly innovating and discovering new skincare and cosmetic technologies and ingredients to ensure our products remain ten steps ahead of anything else you will find in the market. With an in-house chemist and laboratory, the corporate team and myself are able to work closely with our chemist to create new products.
5. SeneGence is experiencing tremendous growth. 
In our Distributor force, international expansion, product line, and more, we are growing every single day. It would be my pleasure to welcome you to join us on this fabulous ride to the top!

2014-2015 90% Sales Increase
2015-2016 700% Sales Increase
Jan 2017- 1,692% Increase over January 2016
Feb 2017- 1179% Increase over February 2016
March 2017 2030% Increase over March 2016

2017 as a whole (As of May) has seen an 1833% increase over 2016 as a whole year...

If those numbers arent proof of the growth, I dont know what else to show you!! Ahhhhhhhmazing!! 

Sponsor's Names/ID

Lisa Williamson 239946
Britt Michelle 251745 
Robin Tierson 255952
Jennifer Abel 219015
Abi Dysart 225842
Teresa McBride 249126
Kelli Paisley 249919 
Tanya Hespe 263818
Jan Hubble 255279 
Kaylee Arthur 259909
Robyn Stanton 221194
Nicole Rodriguez 203382
Holly Traywick 270990
Lorree Jenkins 261903
Korrin Leonard 235125
Julie Roberts 223342
Misty Robertson 261599
Kristy Raso 284667
Jill Pischke 255915
Courtney McCleary 260382
Jazzy Wendt 275532
Amber Fellows 215279
Kelsey Snyder 290139
​Justyce Oliver 339060
Kayla Gyorick ​308793
Chasity Tuell ​343712
Gina Hardsaw 416050
Leah Roberts 414372
Christine Hoglund 423022
Sami Hageman 437756
Keighly Stewart​​ 438566​
Char Anderson 398660
Sydney Harrison 436098
Alyssa Soesbe 417911
Beth Schlosser 462736
Taylor Carle 428487
Nicole Benson 473246 

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